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   Anita Nigam
is a well-known astrologer with a Degree in Astrology from ICAS, New Delhi Chapter and a Masters in Anthropology from the Lucknow University. She is known for her predictions on sporting events like Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis etc. These have proved 80%-85% correct..

Anita Nigam needs no introduction in the field of International level of Astrology and predictions. She is an internationally acclaimed astrologer. And achieved a remarkable position in the world of Astrology and Numerology. Anita is post graduated in Anthropology from Lucknow University and Jyotish Praveen and Jyotish Vishrad (Higher Astrology degree) from ICAS, New Delhi. She started her Astro and Numerological career with predicting the sporting events because through which she can show her potential within few hours. Anita is a pioneer in field of Sports Astrology and have over a decade experience in predicting the out come of top sporting events, which include the World Cup Soccer, World Cup Cricket, Grand Slams, English Premier League, Euro Cup, Rugby, Hockey tournaments etc. Her popularity in sports predictions speaks worldwide. This had leaded her to the newspapers and media around the world which includes famous newspapers “The Mirror” of UK, “Gurdian” of UK, “USA Today” of US. Even Mr. KPS Gill Chairmen of Indian Hockey Federation called her to predict the ongoing International Hockey Tournament, her prediction and remedies for IHF in year 1995 made India win a hockey tournament after a long time.
Not only in the field of Sports, but also she made many promising predictions in the field of Politics, Mundane, celebrities and for general masses. Some of her famous predictions include prediction for India for year 2005 and 2006 which was up to the mark. Moreover she had indicated about the year 1999 Indo-Pak war, six months before and related many events.
For General, Anita have specialization in predicting the “Business predictions”, “Match Making”, “Life predictions” and have great command in “Prashan Kundli”.
Anita is a very down to earth astrologer who believes in simplicity and has a very patriotic nature; she is very much religious too. She says “Whatever I have achieved in the field of astrology in the world, it is not my merit but it is the grace of GODDESS SARASWATI. GODDESS SARASWATI was behind me whatever I have achieved till today; it is only due to blessings of GODDESS SARASWATI that today I am here at this position”.

Press And Media

  • Her Predictions on World Cup Soccer 1994, USA was Published in English Daily “National Herald” Newspaper, which was published from New Delhi during the time of World Cup.
  • Her Predictions on World Cup Soccer 1994, USA was Published in Urdu Daily “Quami Awaz” Newspaper, which was published from New Delhi and circulated in the India and Gulf Countries
  • An article about Anita and her Prediction was published in “RASHTRIYA SAHARA” magazine in August 1995 issue.
  • Anita had even got appreciation from Ex - Prime Minister (Late) Sri P.V. Narshima Rao on her correct prediction for him at the time of issue with Sri. Arjun Singh in year 1994. Which was published in Urdu Daily “Quami Awaz” Newspaper.
  • Jain TV, had telecasts a special program on Anita and her prediction in their program “Khoj” in year 1995.
  • India’s famous newspaper “Indian Express” had published her predictions on World Cup Cricket 1999 in their magazine section
  • Jain TV, had telecast her on their special LIVE program “Ghatnachakar” for the prediction on World Cup Cricket 2003 for India.
  • During Euro Cup 2004, her Interview was telecast on “ZEE NEWS Channel” (India’s premier News Channel) on 22nd June. And special Half an hour program on her predictions of Euro 2004 on 24th June. And again an hour program of her predictions just before the Final match on 4th July.
    ? Anita’s prediction of Euro Cup 2004 was also published in website of U.K’s famous Newspaper “The Mirror”.
    ? Anita’s Prediction for Famous Soccer Player Wayne Rooney was published in the Website Blog of UK’s Famous Newspaper “The Guardian”.
  • Anita’s Predictions for Sheila Dixit was published in New Delhi’s afternoon Newspaper “Today”.

  Ask Questionn
Rs.- 500/-INR
Rs.- 1000/-INR
If you have a specific question related to any matter, just ask it right here. Ask a question is a product, which will give you almost exact answer of your question. If you don’t know your birth details and you have question in your mind than ask it here.
  Business Prediction  
Rs.- 1000/-INR
Rs.- 2000/-INR
Rs.- 2500/-INR
This product is basically meant for those people who are into the business or who are going to enter into a new business / venture / partnership.

This product shall contain answers to the following questions:
1. Will you go for a business or employment will be the best option.
2. If business suits you than which business.
3. Will do business all alone or take a partner.
4. What will be the auspicious time to start off the business?
5. What kind of financial growth will be there in the horoscope?
6. What are the Enhancement/Betterment guidelines and remedies?

  Education Report  
Rs.- 850/-INR
If you are confused which stream to choose in which you excel. Whether to go for Medical or Non-Medical or Commerce or Arts. Which will be the suitable educational line for whole life.
Will I get success in my upcoming entrance exams?
Will I get Scholarship?
Will I go abroad for further studies?
How my upcoming exams will go.

Or any specific Education related questions this will be the best product for you.

  Legal and Litigations  
Rs.- 1500/-INR
If you are involved in any sort of legal trouble and involved in any sort of litigations Astrology will help you out to know whether and when you will get success or not. Or how long your court case wills proceeds.

Problem related to any sort of court cases.

Whether to apply for high court or Supreme Court.

Get an Astrological Analysis on such issues

  Love Report  
Rs.- 1000/-INR
Love is such a beautiful relationship that everybody wants. So this report is all about those who are looking for a love and want to know about their success in love. This report contains:

1. Will you ever find love in your life?
2. When will you find it?
3. What kind of person he or she will be?
4. Will your love story reach up to a happy married life?
5. How your love life moves on?
6. Will you remain a flirtatious or a simple one?
7. Will you have a Love marriage or arrange? Or which will be a beneficial for later life?

  Match Making Analysis  
Rs.- 1500/-INR
According to Hindu mythology “there should be a match making between a boy and a girl before the marriage, as this will prior tells that how will be their marriage life.”

This product is meant for those who what a match making between the two pairs. The report cover the following areas:

1. Basic details of both boy and girl.
2. Any important observation on the chart
3. Analysis of Ashta koot Guna Milap.
4. Is the Marriage astrologically correct? Is it recommended?
5. Compatibility of temperaments
6. Mangal/ Naadi / Bhakut Dosh
7. Any remedies.

  Lucky and Restricted Color  
Rs.- 500/-INR
Color is the most important creation of the nature, without color; think what will this universe look like. Every color has different effect with the different reasons. Color effect the human life as in the form of planets. All planets affect the human life with the different ways at the different times. All planets are divided in different seven colors and these seven planets affect the human or anything in forms of colors.

Now know which color will be suitable for:

1. You
2. Your Organization / Company
3. Conference room
4. Bed Rooms
5. Curtains
6. House color
7. Study room of your child
8. Any else you need.

  Lucky Name / Color  
Rs.- 1500/-INR
Name always affects on life of the human begin and soul. Name always runs parallel from birth till death and even after death name continues the importance, achievements and impact that was lived in the past time.

A person named INDIRA GANDHI achieved top most heights and regular progress in her live and name Indira Gandhi shines all over world and also in the history.

Now know which Name and color will be best for.

1. You
2. Your Organization / Company
3. Products
4. Any non living thing

  Personal Prediction  
Rs.- 1000/-INR
Rs.- 2000/-INR
Rs.- 3000/-INR
Rs.- 5000/-INR
You will got to know what is going to happen in your upcoming future, what all new things you are going to get, will luck favors you or not. This product will help you to know about your upcoming future and what all precaution you have to take if there is some troubles or how you’ll enhance your already existing bright future.
In this product I’ll cover all-important aspect of life i.e.
1. Family life.
2. Health
3. Career
4. Finance
5. Wealth
6. Love and Marriage
7. Business
8. Any important observation in your chat.
9. Remedies

  Professional Career Report  
Rs.- 1000/-INR
Rs.- 1800/-INR
Rs.- 2500/-INR
This product is meant for those people who are into professional careers or into the job. This product will contains all the important observation in the chart related to one’s professional career’s point of view like

1. Will He/ She get a new Job?
2. Mental set up with Boss and colleagues?
3. Will He/ She get a increment or promotions?
4. Will he/she able to complete the task/project on the time?
5. New assignments will be there or not?
6. Will you he/she for professional foreign tours?
7. Period wise predictions of a year.
8. Betterment and Enhancement for future through remedies


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